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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

My GoodTherapy.org Cancer Blog Posts

June 7, 2010             "Aren't You Better Yet?" - A Mother and Daughter's Journey through Cancer

July 13, 2010            Cancer and Sexuality

August 12, 2010        Cancer and Sexuality Part II

September 23, 2010   Cancer and Sexuality Part III

November 19, 2010    Communication Skills for Enhancing an Intimate Relationship with One's Partner

January 18, 2011       Good Communication Skills and Cancer

February 18, 2011     Women, Emotions and Cancer:  What's Wrong with Me?

March 29, 2011         What Do I Say?

June 24, 2011           How to Tell Young Children About a Parent's Cancer

September 15, 2011   Managing Fear and Uncertainty While Living with Cancer 

November 16, 2011    How to Fight Cancer With Social Support

January 27, 2012       'Protecting" Your Spouse or Partner When One of You Has Cancer

April 4, 2012             Dealing with a Cancer Diagnosis

May 4, 2012              Returning to Work After Cancer Treatment

June 15, 2012           When Treatment is Losing it's Effectiveness

July 11, 2012            Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults

August 22, 2012        Being Single With Cancer

October 17, 2012       Live Until You Die

December 17, 2012    Loved Ones With Cancer:  Celebrating Their Last Holiday Season

March 7, 2013           Young Women and Metastatic Breast Cancer

July 2, 2013              How Breast Cancer Affects Young Women

August 12, 2013        Coping with Fear of Cancer Recurrence

October 17, 2013      Living with Cancer:  Grieving Your Losses Along the Way

January 8, 2014        Helping Teens to Cope With Your Cancer